Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Quick Bio

Alright, so I'll start off with the requisite resume. I have been a political blogger since the 7th grade, starting over here (please don't judge me, it's a bit embarrassing... you're lucky I'm even showing you this). Since then, I have been blogging at a steady pace on a number of blogs, including, this one, this one and, most recently, this one. I have achieved moderate success on the national scale with my most recent blog, but I have since decided that I want to focus on local politics, which is the reason for this move.

I am also a political writer for a number of newspapers. I am a reporter and columnist for the Fairfield Minuteman, the Register Citizen and the Bridgeport Banner. I have worked as an intern in the district office of now lame-duck Congressman Christopher Shays, who recently lost to Mr. Jim Himes. For this reason, expect my reporting on Mr. Himes to be a bit bias, possibly bordering occasionally on volatile. 

Personally, I live in Fairfield, Connecticut, and I am a senior in high school at Fairfield Prep, a local Jesuit school. I have been accepted into Fordham University, where I plan on attending. I plan on joining ROTC during college, and possibly going to law school shortly thereafter. Outside of writing and school, I enjoy things most high school students do - I love hanging out with friends, I am a big skier, and I enjoy playing sports. Unlike most high school students, I am currently listening to the call of a Long Tailed Duck on yesterday's NPR Talk of the Nation. Needless to say, I guess I like to learn... useless information. 

Politically, I am a moderate conservative - I am entirely fiscally conservative and capitalist, but I begin to shake from the party line on social issues. I am in support of gay marriage and the entire separation of Church and state. In fact, I generally consider my pro-life stance to be my only socially right-leaning stance. Look forward to daily posts on everything Connecticut. Hopefully, you'll find me humorous and interesting, so stop by whenever you can!

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